Are you thinking of having your wedding ceremony at home? A few of our clients decide to purchase one of our gazebos specifically to do just that in their own backyard. We have even had a few loving parents offering to do this for one of their children. Of course, the added benefit is you get to keep the gazebo as a fantastic keepsake after!
So what is involved in having your wedding at your place? Having your ceremony at home will ensure you are at your happiest and most comfortable. It can also mean saving money by handling some of the expenditures yourself, while being able to customise everything you do and making it an event you will remember for the rest of your life. A wedding at home presents its own challenges and there are a few things to consider before making your decision.
The first thing to decide is if you will have the whole event at home. Some people like to have the wedding at the church and/or registry office, then head home for celebrations. Of course, if you do decide to have one of our gazebos in your backyard, you can opt for a celebrant to witness your vows under the shelter of the gazebo, with all your friends and family nearby. Timber gazebos look particularly amazing adorned with ribbons and flowers for a wedding ceremony.
We are very privileged to design and install Timber Wedding Gazebos at many a wedding venue around Australia. You can see some decoration examples of one of our wedding gazebos at The Secret Garden in Wildes Meadow, NSW, a gorgeous property to get married at (should you decide against a home ceremony).
When it comes to the number of guests to invite, think about a number that will comfortably fit in your home, garden and all. You may need to consider getting a couple of portable toilets. You may also need to think about parking. If the majority of people are nearby, could you organise a minivan pickup. Also important is how many people are likely to want to stay over for a night after the ceremony and reception. Is there good accommodation options where you live? Could you negotiate a group deal? Make sure you tell your neighbours you will be having your ceremony at home, unless you are inviting them to part of it, so they are not surprised by a lot of extra cars or music in the backyard. As guests go, the good thing about having your wedding at home is that you can involve your pets if you want to.
You must also have a look at how to structure the ceremony. If you do get a gazebo, you could have the formal ceremony and some of the photos under it with all the decorations. Then you could have an area set up for a buffet, or a sit-down meal depending on numbers and space available. Finally, you may want to reserve another area for a band or music later for some dancing and celebration. Alternatively, you could the task of reorganising the gazebo into a music area to a few of your helpful friends or family members.

In terms of looking great on your day, maybe see if your usual hairdresser can make a home visit on the day. If they do, make sure you know what they will need on the day, plenty power sockets, mirror, a space with great natural light? You may also want to consider the needs of your other guests, in particular the bridal party, for freshening up, changing in and out of outfits and generally feeling ‘at home’ and comfortable on the day. This ensures your guests will look happy and relaxed and enjoying themselves on your photos on the day.
Also remember to plan where you will want your chosen photographer or videographer to take photos or videos on the day. Again, if you have a gazebo, you can make it one of the focus areas for the day and decorate it accordingly. And you will want to do the same for any other area you are planning to use. Think of areas that are truly special to you and your spouse to be in your home and inform your photographer or videographer so they make sure to include them in your future mementoes.
As mentioned, timber gazebos look magnificent when decked out with balloons and ribbons. You may also want to decorate them and other special areas with fairy lights, lanterns and themed banners. You could get one of the balloon companies to make a wall for you to take pictures of guests in front of. Depending on your budget, you could even look into one of these photo booths that come with various disguises and masks for guests (and yourselves) to try on and take photos in.
The next object of your attention should be the food. Of course, if you are having a very small wedding ceremony, you may be able to handle the cooking yourself, as long as you make sure you are ready in plenty of time and it is not adding stress to the day. Otherwise, there are generally a few options for caterers that could bring food to you, or grazing platters if you prefer. The alternative would be to see if you could get a local food truck with a good amount of choice on their menu so guests can have fun ordering their food while meeting and chatting with other guests. You could get food made for the main dishes and then organise and self-cater for sweets and desserts on a separate table or area.
As far as alcohol is concerned, you could look into bulk buying for your event or make your even BYOB if you are on a budget. That way, you know people will be drinking something they like!
Lastly, think of what type of entertainment you would like for your special day: DJ? Own selection of music prepared in advance? Band? Depending on the choice you make, make sure you stop loud music at a reasonable time to avoid issues with the neighbours. You could always have a silent dance party with earphones for the last remaining die-hard disco dancers!
Whichever way you decide to go, we are here to make sure your event is spectacular if you decide to get one of our gazebos! Let us know in plenty of time if that is the case to allow for manufacturing time.

Gazebos Galore wedding timber gazebo at The Secret Garden nsw
Gazebos Galore Timber Wedding Gazebo at The Secret Garden nsw
Gazebos Galore Timber Wedding Gazebo at The Secret Garden nsw

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