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Are you a landscaper, builder, garden centre or swimming pool and spa builder?

Would you like to make more money?

Gazebos galore can help you do that. We all know a builder, carpenter or even some landscapers are quite capable of building a gazebo. But have you weighed up the time and cost it has taken you to achieve that goal?

Why would you slow down your own tradesmen, who are concentrating on the core of your business when you can use them, or us, to make you more money, reduce job times and increase your businesses capabilities?

Yes, our factory-based gazebo construction methods can do all that for you. 

At Gazebos Galore Pty Ltd we do nothing but build Australia’s best gazebos. We have refined the process to a fine art and can provide you with gazebo kits that can be erected in as little 1 hour (for a small 2.4 metre kit) to a day (for our mega-octagonal). That is right, a 6.5 to 8 metre mega-octagonal gazebo installed in a day! That is just not achievable when you are building everything on site.

Just think of the cost advantages this brings you as a business. We can sell you the kit with full instructions for your company to do the installation or if you need an installation done between Adelaide and Cairns Gazebos Galore can install it for you.

Yes, Adelaide to Cairns. Our install area is unrivalled in our industry. 

Some of our many commercial clients include:

Why do our thousands of clients already love Gazebos Galore?

A certified Australian Made company.
We are proud of our Australian Owned, Australian Made & Australian Grown certification. 

Talented tradesmen build all our products.
Our craftsmen build nothing but gazebos and related decks and stairs. They are the best in our industry. 

Neat installations.
Yes, our guys leave no mess, and minimal impact on the client’s property. Ask your own client’s if this impresses them and it will be a resounding “yes”! 

The best materials.
All our treated pine and hardwoods used are from sustainable Australian & New Zealand grown sources. We use Australian Colorbond steel and our screws are from Wurth. The best quality materials in the world. We do not skimp on quality materials. Buy that cheap gazebo kit you see elsewhere and see how many inferior quality screws you snap, or how many parts are not of the standard you expect.

Pool & spa shops love us.
Our hideaway and glasshouse gazebos are a perfect compliment to the spas they sell. We even supply spa steps to suit every situation. These are very popular with the spa shops and swimming pool builders already using the Gazebos Galore edge to increase their core sales and profits. Everyone loves a company who can sell you all the accessories to go with your pool or spa.


Experienced and trusted.
Our client list shows we are not some fly-by-night company importing inferior quality gazebos from overseas and palming them off as something special. 

Look at the list of our clients for yourself. Our clients include Federal and State Government Departments, Councils, Schools and Education Departments, Resorts, Retirement and Aged Care Facilities and even the USA Embassy in Canberra.

That trust is earned, not given.

Here for the long haul.
Gazebos Galore are here to stay.  We guarantee our materials and workmanship and we stand by that guarantee.

There has been many unfortunate occurrences in our industry over the last 10 years of a company constantly opening and closing under different names. Taking multiple deposits and running. Their sales pitch has always been the same and requires you to supply your email address to them to download their “Gazebo Buyers Guide”. Unfortunately many of our customers are with us because they fell for these scammers that exist in this, and I am sure, many other building related industries.

Do your homework and you will see what we mean.


Why should you start selling and/or installing Gazebos Galore gazebos?

Our installations and kits are versatile and simple to install. Of the thousands of gazebos we have supplied and installed, 2 are rarely even the same. Our multiple options and custom design services are there for you to be able to supply your clients with exactly what they desire. Happy clients who get exactly what they want are exactly what your own business wants. 

Increase your product range & company desirability. Everyone loves a company that can provide everything they need for their landscaping, building or their new pool or spa. That versatility is what gives your company the edge over your competitors.

Increase your profits. By not pulling your own staff off the jobs they specialise in, your profits will rise and you will have a product they probably would have struggled to produce otherwise. Or cost you a fortune to do so.

Branch out to new client bases. As you can see by the type of clients Gazebos Galore have already, you too can branch into areas you previously couldn’t tap into. We will provide you with the product support to be able to do fast efficient installs like we already do. The short install time is crucial to so many industries.

Don’t wait! Call us today on 1800 500 129 or email us to discuss your gazebo requirements.

Let us help you build your business!

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Gazebos Galore install gazebos from Cairns to Adelaide and ship gazebos Australia wide


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