Timber Care & Maintenance – Timber Types

Caring for your outdoor timber products is often a daunting task to some as they have never had to do it, so of course have no experience. In reality though, keeping your timber products looking as new is quite a simple task.

Here, at Gazebos Galore, we want your timber gazebo or other outdoor timber products to stay in tip top shape so you can enjoy them for many years to come. Simply follow this timber care guide and it will help you maintain your outdoor timber furnishings and features for years to come.

Types of Timber Finishes

Oiled & Stained Timber Surfaces

Both oils and stains have their own distinct advantages. What differentiates timber oils from stains is that a timber stain will change or improve the appearance of the timber by changing the timber colour; while oiling timber will enhance the current colour if you are wanting to leave the timber the colour it is. Oiling or staining should be repeated every 6 months or so to maintain its finish (depending on the amount of exposure to the weather).

Painted Timber Surfaces

Many people prefer their timber to be painted so it matches in with their home. This shouldn’t be the only consideration. Paint like stain and oils has its own advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage is cost. Painting timber costs more than oiling or staining, but does last longer. Painting is good for vertical surfaces and can last approximately 6 years before refinishing is needed. On horizontal surfaces like decks, paint will not fair as well as stains or oil as they are not designed to cope with a lot of wear like foot traffic can inflict on them.

Raw Timber Surfaces

Timber can but just left raw to age. Some people do prefer this look. The timber will go grey and crack over time, which in itself does add character. Just keep in mind that raw timber will not last as many years as painted or stained timber.

Whatever the finish you decide on, if you have any questions regarding future maintenance of your wooden gazebo, feel free to ask our friendly team during the installation.