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Living in Australia has many advantages, especially if you love the outdoors. Spending time in your backyard for instance is a good way to reinforce family and friends relationships. Therefore, turning your garden into an enticing outdoor entertainment area is paramount. This can include installing an outdoor gazebo of course. What else can you use in your backyard to transform it into the place to be?

Fire Pits Australia

We are often asked to design a gazebo with a fire pit area in the centre. Although the idea appeals, this design is somewhat restricted by regulations due to the proximity of fire to your timber gazebo. Nothing stops you from setting up a fire pit within safe proximity of your gazebo though. The other thing you could do is install a barbecue. This will provide welcome shade to cook under during the hot summer months as well as a place to congregate and chat for your family and friends.

Bars and Wine Fridges

Once you start thinking barbecues and entertaining, it only takes a quick stretch of the mind to think of drinks and how to keep things cool. How about looking at bar options with your gazebo? We can customise your gazebo with a small bar area on one side plus provide matching stools so you have a place to serve drinks independently from the food area. Aperitif anyone? You could also incorporate a wine cooler in your outdoor entertainment area so your white wine or sparkly is always served at the ideal temperature. A mini fridge would also keep that beer cool.

Good Lighting

Good lighting is essential to a fantastic outdoor gazebo that you will use day and night. One of the easiest way to light up your outdoor space is by installing string lights. These can be solar powered if you are not connected to power in that part of your garden. Alternatively, you could jazz up your gazebo area by installing a fancy chandelier or even a combined fan / light unit, adding a soothing breeze on those hot summer nights. You can also find light bulbs that do not attract mosquitoes or other insects at your local DIY store. This is worth looking into when you live Down Under!


Because we can customise your gazebo to your liking, we are able to offer a variety of options to prevent any onlookers and protect your privacy while entertaining. Louvres, panels, bamboo screens, you name it and we can look how best to design your gazebo area into a sheltered and private oasis so you can fully enjoy it! Alternatively, you could also install curtains after installation to provide shade and privacy. These can add a personal touch to your outdoor gazebo as long as they are weatherproof and can withstand the Australian climate!

TV and Footy Nights

What better way to enjoy the long summer nights than invite a couple of mates over and watch the footy with a chilled beer in hand. All you need is comfortable seating and an outdoor TV in your entertainment area! Let the rest of the family enjoy their own fun inside and enjoy your own banter outside! This expands your outdoor entertainment area and gives you options. Of course, we can provide extra panels to protect your equipment from the weather. If you should choose to install a mini fridge or wine cooler, a great evening is assured, whichever sport you are into!

Spa Gazebo Time

Of course, one of the best companion for a gazebo is a spa! Having your spa under cover not only will provide you with a fantastic place to entertain and just enjoy your new space but will also provide great protection from the Australian weather! Building a gazebo around a spa makes it look like it belongs in the backyard, rather than a last minute thought. It also means that you can enjoy your spa come rain, hail or shine! You can also personalise your gazebo with our many styles, colours and options available. A thoughtful combination of your new spa and gazebo can truly put a stamp on your garden for years to come!

Whatever style or options you want in your new space, feel free to discuss with our friendly team of designers and installers so you get the most out of your new entertainment area.

Hideaway Gazebo by the Pool by Gazebos Galore
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Many Options for Outdoor Gazebos by Gazebos Galore

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