The Many Shades of Gazebos

The beauty of a gazebo is that it can be different things to different people. So what exactly could you use your gazebo for?

The Focus of your Garden

There is no denying that a well designed gazebo planned in harmony with your current home or garden theme will enhance and become the focus of your backyard.
Whether you finally get the privacy you need to invite a few friends over to enjoy your new spa, or you design the perfect gazebo to put the finishing touch to the Asian inspired garden you have planned over the last year, a gazebo will draw a lot of attention and transform your space for years to come!

The Spa Protector

You will get so excited the first time you hop into your new spa at home, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. You will soon find out however that, without any shade or gazebo over it, the amount of time you can actually enjoy your spa is based on the weather. Is it raining? Is it too hot? With a gazebo, you can it your spa…when-e-ver!
You might also worry about the effect of our harsh climate on your new investment. Will it fade? Will it crack? A gazebo will lengthen the useful life of a spa.
Of course, then there is the privacy issue. You want to feel comfortable parading in your “Teenie Weenie Bikini”. Your gazebo can take many guises, with the many screening options available at Gazebos Galore, so you can show off as much or as little as you want!

The Hobby Corner

A gazebo can take on many uses. It could very well become the place where you feel most relaxed and want to pursue your favourite hobby.
Being that it is already in the backyard, it is very easy to see the new gazebo as the perfect place to use as a potting area. But it could very easily become the place you get your best inspiration for craft: watercolours, crochet, diamond puzzles and anything that takes your fancy. You could even host a little craft club with your besties on a regular basis, given the weather won’t be able to stop you!

The Meditation Haven

If you are into meditation, yoga or floor pilates, nothing stops you from setting up your new timber gazebo as a haven to pursue your peaceful activity. You could add wind chimes, music or a water feature to help you relax and get into the right vibe.
Why not add a yoga mat, an exercise ball and maybe a couple of foam rollers for variety. Suddenly, you have the perfect space to find yourself again and get some well-earned me time.

The Food Hub

When you fancy a change from cooking inside, or the hot summer heat makes it uncomfortable, isn’t great to have an alternative in the backyard?
Of course, a new gazebo will make it possible to dine outside whatever the weather.
You can dress up or dress down your gazebo as you see fit. You can have the family over for your Sunday Barbie or you can make it fancy with candles for a romantic tête-a-tête, never mind decorating the space with balloons and streamers to celebrate one of your kids’ birthday! The options are endless! Your guests will always remember the good times you had under your gazebo.

The Kid Spot

We have all been there, it is pouring and the kids are getting agitated and bored inside. Time to change things up with a new space outside!
A gazebo is the perfect place to shake a few sillies when the weather is not cooperating. You could store your kids’ favourite books or toys in benches with storage or keep a stack of family games and puzzles, ready to be played with at a moment’s notice. This is one sure way to get the kids away from screens inside. They might even like to invite over some of their friends from school, keeping any mess out of the main house. Entertaining kids in a garden gazebo is easy!

Have a look at our many designs on our website and let us know what you will be doing with your gazebo. Our team cannot wait to design and build a gazebo made for you!

(Images by Jill Burrows, Vanessa Loring, Miriam Alonso and Jéshoots on Pexels)

Children enjoying craft outdoors with Gazebos Galore
Doing Yoga under your Timber Gazebo with Gazebos Galore
Enjoying food outdoors with Gazebos Galore

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