The Ideal Gazebo

Gazebos first appeared back in Ancient Egypt, approximately 5000 years ago. They were also very popular in well-to-do households in Ancient Rome and Pompeii. And, to this day, gazebos are still high on wish-lists when it comes to designing and making the most of your garden. A gazebo can be the perfect way to give new life to an otherwise little used garden.

So, how do you design the perfect gazebo for your garden?

First of all, you need to consider the size of your garden and see that the gazebo fits in nicely within those proportions. The shape of the yard may also influence the shape of the gazebo.

Then consider whether it is important to you to complement the general style of your house, or whether you are trying to create something different in a gazebo and your garden. For instance, you might want to create a Japanese inspired garden complete with an Asian gazebo and a pond for goldfish or koi carp. The distance between your intended gazebo and your house will influence this too.

Another important point is whether you want to reuse similar materials to the ones you used on your house on your gazebo. For example, you may want to use the Colourbond colour you used on your house roof on your gazebo roof. Do you have any wood features on your house that you would like to complement with your gazebo?

Where do you want to install your gazebo? Do you want your gazebo to frame a particular view, or to use an otherwise unused part of the garden. Do you want the gazebo to be seen from the house or would you prefer it to be sheltered from view so you can use it to get away from it all from time to time. This would also influence the type of gazebo you would prefer, i.e. build a standard gazebo or something more like a meditation room.

Also consider whether you will want additional features on your gazebo such as benches, steps or stairs or maybe seating. If your gazebo will house your spa, steps or stairs may be a good way to make it safer to enter and exit the spa. Maybe you need storage for the pool equipment and this could double up as seating under the gazebo? There are many ways to customise your gazebo to make sure it does everything you want it to do for you. At Gazebos Galore, we offer a wide range of accessories just for that purpose.

Finally, are there features in your backyard that should be considered before you choose the type of gazebo you install, such as paths or walls, for example stone walls?

Feel free to browse through our many designs on our website and, when you are ready to discuss options, give us a call. Our friendly staff are always happy to help you design the ideal gazebo for you and your loved ones.