Spa Gazebos & Accessories

Having a spa in your garden brings a whole new dimension to entertaining at home or just simply chilling after a hard day’s work. Thing is, buying a spa, especially a specialised spa such as a swimming spa, can be a bit of an investment. So you probably want to look at protecting it with a spa gazebo, or, for even more privacy, a glasshouse gazebo. This will ensure you can keep your spa in tiptop condition for many years to come!

With a glasshouse gazebo, you can definitely enjoy your spa all year round, even in colder areas such as Victoria for instance. The added benefit of a spa gazebo or a glasshouse gazebo is of course that you will be thanking it for preserving your good looks (and skin) in spite of the harsh Australian weather!

The other thing to consider when purchasing a spa is how you will actually get into it. If you are very agile, you might be able to climb into it somehow. However, the average person, and even more so, the older generation, as well as young ones, almost always benefit from having stairs or steps added to the installation. Gazebos Galore are able to manufacture tailored steps and stairs to fit the contour of your spa so getting in and out of it becomes a cinch, which makes it much safer for everyone. A simple chat with our friendly sales staff will ensure you get exactly what you need in the size and style you like.