Setting Up Your Gazebo for Cold Days

Gazebos are great when it comes to hot days. You just have to bring the lemonade, the beers or the tapas and you are set!
When it comes to cold days, you might wonder if you are going to use your gazebo at all. There are actually ways to kit out your gazebo so you still enjoy it in winter.


Lighting can make a big difference. Whether you use lanterns, large candle or string lights, this will turn your gazebo into an inviting space ready to enjoy with friends and family! If you have no power in this area, you may consider solar lights that will give you a few hours light in the evening.


Warmth is important in winter. If you are freezing, you sure won’t enjoy your time under your gazebo. So look at the range of outdoor heaters available. You can choose from electric, infrared or gas powered heaters. Most important is to remember that, given your gazebo is made of timber, you have to be careful how close to your gazebo the source of heat is. For instance, you should be careful to place fire pits within a safe distance.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings can be a real asset on cold nights. If you want to enjoy a few drinks with friends after hours, why not set up a corner with comfortable cushions and a few plush blankets? This will create a really cozy environment and you will enjoy more time in your outdoor entertainment in comfort and style!

Outdoor PVC cafe blinds

These can also be a life-saver in winter. They stop draughts and will help keep the heat around your guests so they really enjoy the evening. During the day, you can also enjoy a cuppa in a warm protected spot while keeping an eye on the kids playing in the garden, win win!

Extra Accessories

If you have power under your gazebo, you could also consider investing in a pod coffee maker so you can make hot coffees and hot chocolates while enjoying your backyard.

There are many ways to enjoy your gazebo in winter, including rainy days, that is what is so great about them!

Timber Gazebo by Gazebos Galore
Timber Gazebo by Gazebos Galore
Timber Gazebo by Gazebos Galore

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