Personalise Your New Gazebo

Your new gazebo is a beautiful structure that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Now that your gazebo is here, you can add some personal touches to make it your very own. A gazebo in your backyard lets you enjoy your garden in a new way so make sure you make the most of it!

Here are 7 simple yet amazing ways to personalise and add character to your new space:

1- Add colourful flowers

Hang some baskets with striking flowers such as petunias, lobelias, begonias, geraniums, pelargoniums or fuchsias or a combination of. Go for bold colours that will contrast with the timber look of your gazebo, such as reds or pinks or a deep purple. For contrasting trailing folliage, try using ivy or silver folliage. This is more flexible than growing a vine over your gazebo as you can change the colour scheme or type of plants you use over time. You could also use these flowers to form a hedge around your gazebo if you do not like the look of hanging baskets.

2- Display plants in an interesting way

Hang some air plants for instance in glass domes. These can be hung from the gazebo with natural jute, twine or similar to add that homemade look. You can also use succulents as they are perfect in Australian conditions, thriving in between waterings. You can display blooms or plants in small crates too if you like a rustic look or use macramé hangers.

3- Add a gentle sound with wind chimes

A simple display of glass fragments or shells, even driftwood, collected on the beach can turn into a beautiful wind chime. Again, feel free to use jute or similar natural material to join the fragments if you make them at home. Get the kids to make these and they will make great memories in times to come.

These will produce less noise than a metallic pipe wind chime so should not attract any complaints from your close neighbours.

4- Add drapes or curtains

Adding drapes or curtains to your gazebo can be done for special occasions such as celebrating a birthday or a wedding. Sheer drapes can be used to make it look super special and add a bit of mystery to your space. You can add flowers as well to make it colourful or glam’, depending on the occasion. Curtains can also be used to create a bit of shade or you could consider mosquito nets if they tend to be a problem in your area.

5- Hang candles in glass holders or jars

You will no doubt love your new gazebo so much that you will want to use it at night too. You can definitely install a light under the gazebo or go solar for a more environmentally friendly solution. You could add solar-powered string lights under your gazebo to give it an inviting, almost magical look.

You can find hanging jars with wire and solar panel that just self power at night. You could also match your gazebo style with the style of light used too: for instance, red lanterns under an Asian Gazebo. Or why not create a more intimate atmosphere with the addition of candles? These will look extra special in glass holders or jars, that can be as plain or as colourful as you like it to be. Of course, always make sure you candles are not left unattended, especially when little children are about.

6- Plant sensory plants around your gazebo

Ravish your senses as you relax in your gazebo. Plants to consider for a beautiful scent are lavender, chocolate cosmos flowers, lemon-scented geraniums or herbs like oregano or marjoram.

You can also plant species to enhance your space with soothing sounds such as bamboo (make sure it is not a running bamboo species), fountain grass or even sweetcorn (makes good rustling sounds and can be eaten!)

If you have little children around, consider planting species such as Lamb’s ears or sage as they will enjoy touching the silky leaves. Of course, they might also enjoy touching and even tasting herbs such as sweet basil or mint or even flowers such as Nasturtium. There are many types of mint to try too, such as chocolate mint.

Having herbs nearby also means you have a great supply when it comes to marinating and barbecuing that piece of meat on the barbie!

7- Use furniture that reflects your style

Depending who you intend to use your gazebo with, you can also personalise your gazebo with furniture to match your style. Do you prefer a comfy love-seat and coffee table or a traditional table and chairs. Think of your favourite café. Is it the colourful cushions and pillows or that ceramic tiled table that catches your eye and makes you want to have your latte there? Make your gazebo as minimalist or cozy as you like it so your friends and family have a great experience when they come over to visit you. Add freshly cut flowers, in colours to match or contrast with your gazebo and furniture.

However you decide to go, your wooden gazebo is built to last the test of time. Treat it well and it will last for years so you get to enjoy many happy times in it with your loved ones.

Wedding Gazebo picture by RISS Productions for our friends at The Secret Garden, a beautiful wedding venue in the Southern Highlands.

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How to personalise your new Gazebos Galore gazebo
How to personalise your new Gazebos Galore gazebo - custom gazebo

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