Most Popular Octavius Gazebo 3.9m Diametre

At 3.9 m in diametre, this Octavious Gazebo has been the most popular size as it fits in perfectly into a suburban backyard.

Large enough to fit a fair sized table but not so large that it dominates the yard. With the floating 9 piece deck can be delivered and installed in 4hrs onto any flat level surface. Make it the centre piece to start off a back yard landscaping project.

All Gazebos can be painted any colour using top quality Solaguard exterior acrylic paint. Your choice of colourbond roof in any colour within the BHP colour range.

Dome in the centre of the roof allows light in and a lovely view of the sky at night whilst protecting from harmful UV Rays. Tinted polycarbonate that can withstand many times more impact than glass and outlive acrylic by decades. 

This gazebo was installed in Bass Hill NSW with the classic cream and monument colour scheme matching perfectly with the existing house surroundings. As a nice finishing touch this gazebo has internal bench seating to 7 sides. 

The Octavius Gazebo (as we like to call it) or Octagonal from Gazebos Galore makes a lovely addition to any home. If you are wanting a smaller Gazebo in this style, have a look at our Garden Gazebo. On the other hand, if you want larger, see our Megatron Gazebo.