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What is a wooden gazebo kit?

A gazebo kit can be a number of things, as not all gazebos or kits are created equally. But in general they fit into four categories.

  1. Online shop gazebo kits from companies that just sell anything are usually inferior imported kits made with timbers and materials that rarely comply to Australian standards or are able to stand up to Australian weather conditions. They are cheap to buy now but like most things you, do get what you pay for.
  2. Major retailers also sell gazebo kits, but they are usually portable pop up tent type gazebos or are just the same imported inferior quality kits. You do get more backup from a bricks and mortar store usually but the product is usually just not going to fair well over time.
  3. Many of our competitors also sell these style of kits above, but some do sell you kits made of good quality Australian materials. The problem is many of these kits are far from being a gazebo “kit” but more an inventory of materials and some plans for you to make your own gazebo. Not exactly user friendly, particularly if you don’t have a lot of tools or don’t know how to build in the first place.
  4. A Gazebos Galore gazebo kit! We are proudly certified Australian Made, Australian Grown and Australian Owned. Ask your potential supplier if they are certified by Australia made. We do mostly install our gazebos but we have shipped gazebo kits all over Australia, even Tasmania. Our kits are very popular with councils, cemeteries, schools, aged care facilities and normal residential customers as well.

Due to our modular design and construction processes our kits come as a true, easy to assemble kit, with full instructions. Our own installers can install one of our kits in 2 hours in some cases. That gives a great indication of how complete our kits are. No cutting materials and manufacturing parts with our kits. You are just assembling pre-fabricated parts. The average home handyman with a drill can install one of our kits with an assistant in well under a day.

That is the Gazebos Galore Difference