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What happens on installation day?

Approximately a week before installation, one of our friendly staff will contact you to let you know when your gazebo is being installed. Sometimes, there is a bit of flexibility around the timing. Most times however, please bear in mind this can often be very difficult as our team travels all around NSW, as well as The ACT, Queensland and Victoria. As much as we try and accommodate your requirements, we have to make a call as to which towns to travel to first and this cannot always be changed.

So the day of the installation arrives. Our team will have told you an approximate time for the installation that day. We try to keep as close as possible to this, with allowances for traffic and other delays such as roadworks.

Our team will arrive at your house and work out the best way to unload the gazebo pieces, as well as the deck modules if appropriate.  They will start laying out all the tools necessary for the job so the process is smooth and as fast as possible.

If laying a deck, our team will assemble all the pieces for it and then secure footings for the gazebo to come (if appropriate). If the gazebo is installed on plain ground, the team will dig as appropriate and install footings and concrete them in as discussed during the quoting process.

Next comes your gazebo. If you are watching our team, you will notice just how efficient and fast they are on a job. Our well honed manufacturing processes allow us to install a gazebo in as little as a few hours as everyone knows exactly what to do and all elements are prepared in advance for a swift and hassle-free installation.

Once the sides of your gazebo are up, the team will proceed to install the roof of it. It could be a cupola, or a skylight, with a roof made of Colorbond or timber, just as you dreamt it would be.

Again, you will notice the efficient manner in which this is done by our seasoned team. 

Once the roof is installed, the team will start checking for any scuff marks on the paint and anything needing attending to and will start touching up paint or other details as they see fit. It is a good idea to communicate with our team if you notice something needing attention at this stage so we can attend to it straight away while the team is here with you!

After checking everything is done to your satisfaction, the team will start packing up all tools and clean up the area so you can start enjoying your gazebo straight away. 

If everything is to your liking, payment for the balance of your new gazebo will then be taken so all is settled before our team goes on to their next installation!

Our team carry a link to place a review on Google and we always appreciate a few good words if you are happy with your new space!  If you are unhappy with anything, tell us so we can fix it. If you are delighted, tell the world with a nice review, with our thanks for taking the time!