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How do I stop grass growing around my timber deck?

Depending on your location and how high your gazebo’s deck is off the ground you may need to kill grass around the base of the deck.

The grass only really continues growing around the edges of the gazebo and just under the edges if low to the ground. Some people get rid of it with weedkiller. There are more natural alternative solutions like using salt to kill the grass.

For the salt option, you can mix 2 litres of hot tap water with 1 cup of table salt. Mix until dissolved. Stir in 1 tbs of liquid hand dishwashing soap. Blend gently to avoid excessive suds. Salt causes the grass to dehydrate. Soap makes the solution stick to the grass better.

Alternatively, if the slope permits, some people lay a plastic sheet underneath the gazebo and cover it with gravel to stop grass coming through.