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How do I maintain my painted gazebo?

A painted gazebo is definitely lower maintenance than its stained brother or sister. The initial costs on a painted gazebo are slightly higher but when you are looking for a low maintenance option this is certainly the way to go. Bear in mind you can still have a nice painted gazebo with a stained deck.

How often to paint your gazebo?

Well that question is a very open ended question as weather conditions, location UV, heat and humidity can all play a part in this. In general though an outdoor painted surface should be good for a minimum of 5 years if it is cleaned correctly during its lifetime. Scouring your paint is not a good thing to do and nor is letting mould build up on a painted surface in a high humidity area. 

How do I paint my gazebo? 

In the factory during manufacturing your gazebo is spray painted. Of course this is usually not an option on an assembled gazebo. Repainting your gazebo is the same as repainting any outdoor surface. Clean your painted surface, sand any areas you feel need it and apply a suitable paint for your location. You can use brushes and rollers in this process usually.