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How do I maintain my oil stained gazebo?

When you gazebo is initially stained during manufacturing the pine, or merbau will soak in the oils to protect the timber. Depending on your location in Australia your heat levels, sun levels, uv levels, wind conditions, rain levels, and humidity can all vary. Because of this it is not an exact science on maintaining your stained timber. 

But as a general rule in the first year it is advised you re-oil the exposed areas of your gazebo about 3 to 4 times a year. In the second year you can usually knock that back to twice a year. Thereafter usually once a year is enough as the oils have deeply permeated your timbers to protect them.

Custom Formulated Stain

Gazebos Galore use our own custom formula oil stains developed specifically for us in conjunction with Watyl Paints. Contact us and we can supply you the correct stain formulated for your gazebo. 

How to Apply the Stain

During the manufacturing process the oil stain is sprayed on. Of course in your own yard on an assembled gazebo this is not possible. To apply stain you can simply use a regular paint brush, a sponge or a sheepskin applicator. Be sure to wear protective gloves and clothing.