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How do I clean my timber deck?

Your timber deck from Gazebos Galore is a beautiful place to wile away those hours outdoors. But of course you want to keep your deck spotlessly clean to get maximum enjoyment from it. Below are outlined general cleaning tips to keep your deck looking in tip top shape. 

  1. Using a soft broom sweep away any leaves, dirt and debris. This will stop ingrained dirt from building up on your stained timber surface. If debris has already built up a harder bristled scrubbing brush and soapy water should remove it. 
  2. A high pressure cleaner will then wash away any dirt that is left on the surface. Be careful to go over the whole deck and push the dirt away from it. On older decks be careful you do not split the wood with water pressure. This is usually only a problem if a deck has not been properly maintained. Be sure to wear safety glasses and equipment. 
  3. This is usually sufficient to clean your well maintained deck. But if your deck is due for a re-stain or is aged looking you will need to clean it at this stage with a chemical based cleaner to prepare it for re-oiling. There is a number of these cleaners available so chosing one is personal choice. 
  4. Once you have chosen cleaner you will need to follow it’s directions and then rinse your deck off ready for new stain.