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Does Gazebos Galore have Queensland QBCC insurance?

No we do not, as it is not required for Gazebo construction. We have communicated with https://www.qbcc.qld.gov.au and under their guidelines we do not require to carry this insurance. Of course we are a fully insured company though and carry all the necessary insurances required to operate.

Below is text taken directly from their site. A gazebo is a freestanding structure not attached to a dwelling. They do have different rules for sheds and carports which apply to those structures, but again they do not apply to our gazebos as a gazebo is not deemed a permanent fixed structure. We have in the past taken this up with the relevant QLD government department and they agreed with this. 

Types of work we insure

  • construction of a new home, related roofed building (e.g. a garage), townhouse or multiple unit dwelling (no more than 3 storeys)
  • the extension, addition, alteration, renovation or repair of any of the above buildings
  • replacement or refit of fixtures or fittings in a kitchen or bathroom
  • work on a deck or verandah, attached to a residence
  • building work that affects the structural integrity of the building

From 28 October 2016, in addition to the above, the following work is also covered:

  • work on or in the home or related roofed building (e.g. painting)
  • work on a deck or verandah attached to a home or a related roofed building
  • anything attached to the home or related roofed building and which requires building or plumbing approval
  • any structure attached to the external part of a home or related roofed building which has no other supporting structure (e.g. awning, handrail)
  • stairs or ramp which provide access, and are permanently attached to the home or related roofed building
  • swimming pools.