How To Prepare Your Garden For Your Gazebo

Of course, choosing and ordering a new timber gazebo for your backyard is very exciting. You look forward to all those family times and gatherings you will have in your new space. You anticipate how your garden will look after the gazebo is installed. But, in order to make sure you get the result you are after, and ensure your gazebo lasts for years, here are a few tips on how best to prepare your backyard for the impending arrival.

1- Choose a spot

You will have a general idea as to where you want your gazebo to go. However, you can fine tune the location so it provides the best conditions for your new investment.

You need to stay away from the lower areas in your garden. You know, the areas where water tends to pool after heavy rains. Also, watch for clearance if you have any trees in the area that are still growing. You do not want your beautiful new jacaranda and your gazebo to clash. Root systems on some species could also interfere with foundations.

The other thing to watch is how you will get to the gazebo. The place where you put your new gazebo will determine the path taken to get to it. You want to avoid people tripping through your veggie patch or other obstacles to get to it so be judicious about where you place it.

Lastly, consider how you will use your new space. If you want to have your morning coffee in in, maybe you want it to be in a spot that catches the winter sun. Or you want it to be in a central spot to maximise visual impact and accessibility to socialise and have people over for a barbecue. Maybe you relish privacy at all costs and you want to place it behind your favourite bush in the garden. If it is relaxation you are after, how about building it near your pond and waterfall?

2- Get the measuring tape out

Once you have a good idea of where the new structure is going, you want to get down to the spot and get some good measurements. You want to see how much space you have and what size gazebo will fit in nicely so measure width and length of the area. Also, consider the height of your new gazebo if there are branches from large trees or other elements so the final result is well balanced and in harmony with your garden.

If placing a gazebo on a concrete pad or an existing deck, we recommend you keep at least 200mm free around the gazebo so you can still walk around it for maintenance or to access other parts of your garden.

We know from experience that it is best to go for the largest size you can accommodate in the chosen space. Only because you will discover more ways you want to use your gazebo once you have it. It is more often than not that you will regret not getting the bigger size, not so much the smaller size.

3- Look at Council and other regulations

Once you know what size your gazebo is going to be and where it is going, it is time to check on local Council Regulations, just to make sure whether you need to apply for a permit before installation.

Gazebos are removable structures so they do not usually need a building permit. However, bigger gazebos may need one as councils often look to limit the size of structure you are allowed to build on your property. You do not want to find out once the gazebo is installed!

The best place to start is on your Council website. Some councils even offer free access to Town Planners that can answer specific questions for your property and situation.You are legally responsible to check on local regulations, however the team at Gazebos Galore loves to make this process as painless as possible for you. We can provide Council Plans to show all parts of our gazebos so this will speed up your permit if you end up needing one.

If you live under Strata Regulations or any in type of housing or community association, you may also want to check what approval you need to get before installation. Once again, having the plans provided by Gazebos Galore will help you explain what you are proposing to install. You could also show the potential area by using chalk or stalks in your garden.

4- Prepare the area

It is important to prepare the area you intend to install your gazebo on properly before the installation. If there is currently garden beds or a veggie patch in the area, it is recommended to remove existing vegetation, any borders and any stakes used in that area. Some areas are known to have a lot of rocks in the ground and this can cause delays and extra work when installing a gazebo. 

Always make our team aware of what the area is like before they come to do it. Send us photographs of the area, explain what you intend to do to prepare the space or let the team know what extra work will be needed on the day of the installation. For instance, presence of rocks during excavation might warrantee the rental and use of an excavator for the installation. Also, it is important for the team to know whether the area is level or whether there is an incline so the right equipment can be packed for your installation. Preparation and communication with our team is key to a great and timely installation with no surprises or delays.

If a concrete pad is to be installed prior to installing the gazebo on top, make sure you liaise with your concrete contractor to ensure correct specifications. You will also want to check when it will be possible to proceed with the gazebo installation after the concrete pour.

5- What to do if you need assistance with the planning?

Your first port of call is your friendly team at Gazebos Galore. During our many installations in various states all over Australia, we have seen many different situations and scenarios. We have an incredible library of combined knowledge that helps us resolve difficulties and challenges as they arise.

If you need help choosing the right gazebo for your backyard, the right size or the right options, feel free to reach out to our team of skilled designers and installers.

We are only too happy to help you through the process so you get exactly the right solution and you are delighted with the final result!

Measuring on ground Photo by Grégory Costa
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