After 12.5 hrs of driving in the truck, Dean, Phillip and myself (Lawrence) arrived in Morwell Victoria. In our usual style no pre booked accomodation so on arrival to Morwell we had to find a motel with parking that will fit a truck with a 7 m trailer, has vacancy to fit three men and still be open at 6.30pm.

As you can see in the last post, all went well. We were lucky that the motel also had a nice restaurant so food was also all good. Tirelessly the next morning 7am start with a 25 minute drive to the job site in Thorpdale we were very enthusiastic and expected to have the Thorpdale water tank megatron gazebo finished in six hrs. Thinking that Dean and I usually nock these things over in 7 to 10 hrs between the two of us, having Phillip with us would make it much easier. We were very glad that Phillip was with us to help as the job would have run in at 14 hrs due to the stop and start rain all day.

As you can see in the second picture, Phillip is walking the roof to fit the last 8 screws in the ridge caps. This picture gives a good idea just how big the roof is. Phillip looks small up there next to the cupola. We were all very happy with the job in the end and despite the wether conditions had it done in ten hrs finishing at 6 pm. Next destination Melbourne city to erect the polo in the city gazebo once again. We arrived in Essendon VIC Alexander motor inn at 8.30 pm. This time we had booked accomodation on the way to Thorpdale in the morning so we had somewhere to stay.

This is the first gazebo of this size to have railings and horizontal slated screens. Come up looking great and in proportion. One of the big challenges in building custom gazebos is getting the proportions right. For example cupola size, post thickness and hight. This gazebo has had 45 litres of exterior acrylic paint in a colour called Fair Bianca. Brackets and rail tops in colourbond Bushland and the roof in colourbond Dune. This combination of colours matched the house perfectly.
Leeanne and I met mr and mrs Leth over the phone via our website and we are very glad they entrusted us to build there Gazebo and hope they have many years of enjoyment from it.

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