A lot of people ask why would I buy a gazebo instead of a pergola?  The answer to this can vary depending on your situation, but here are some of the reasons to buy a gazebo instead of, or as well as a pergola.

  1. A gazebo is a freestanding structure and in most cases does not need a council approval. This can speed up the time it takes for you to be enjoying your backyard.
  2. A Gazebo can be used in a rental property if you get approval from your landlord. This means you could enjoy the back yard of your rental property and when you move to another simply take it with you.
  3. Maybe your pergola is great for entertaining and BBQs but it jsut isn't in the right part of your yard to take in those spectacular views you have. It is more fun relaxing in your gazebo overlooking the views than standing at the fence looking at them.
  4. You have a spa bath but there is no room under the pergola. Spa baths look great inside gazebos. Gazebo Galore even make specialised gazebos just for spa baths.
  5. Just for looks. A nice looking gazebo can actually be the feature in your yard that you see looking out your windows.
  6. Next to the pool. Maybe your pergola that is attached to the house jsut isn't right for entertaining when it is a ot summer day and you are beside the pool. Your gazebo can be right there at your pool side providing shelter and a great place to entertain.

These are jsut some of the ressons you should think about installing a Gazebos Galore gazebo in your own back yard.

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